Amplion Alert provides numerous benefits for patients, clinicians and the financial team. 

In fact, the depth of clinically-oriented reporting creates what we call a “Patient Care Accounting System.”

Just like financial accounting facilitates analysis that leads to improved financial performance, patient care accounting allows clinical and financial leaders to see the details of clinical activities that reveal both inefficiencies and best practices. 

Clinical Snapshot

Amplion Alert creates safer and more satisfied patients. Consistent hourly rounding is the foundation. When patients have confidence that a caregiver will be there every hour, they will wait for assistance to the bathroom (fewer falls) and push the call button fewer times. With turns delivered every two hours for patients at risk for pressure ulcers, there will be fewer incidents and documentation of care for those few incidents that still occur. Regular pain assessment builds patient satisfaction and helps improve HCAHPS scores. Responding to IV pump alarms means a quieter hospital and fewer nurse call requests.

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Amplion Alert provides turnkey, on-site implementation. To simplify the process and enhance reliability, we fully stage and test the system off-site in our facility. During implementation, our expert staff manages the entire process while keeping the IT officer and CNO in the loop. By working primarily in common areas, we remain sensitive to patient-care needs and ICRA protocols. We also provide ongoing training and assistance for your staff if needed.

Because Amplion Alert is a wireless system, there’s no expensive hardwiring to the room, no disruptive installation. Downtime during implementation is minimal. The system easily integrates with existing infrastructure and hardware, including manufacturers such as Hill-Rom, Stryker, CarePlus, Dukane, Puritan Bennett, Hospira and SpectraLink.

Financial Snapshot

Many of the Amplion Alert benefits translate into cost savings. Certainly fewer falls and pressure ulcers result in less expense to remediate those “Never Events,” while also eliminating the potential for litigation and the certainty of bad publicity, tougher insurance negotiations and decreased census. HCAHPS scores should increase along with Value-based Purchasing payments.

3 Biggest Impacts to Staffing Strategies

The biggest impact is seen on staffing strategies. The data and the reporting will allow you to do three things:

1. Improve the quality of your staff — either by coaching or by showing which of staff member needs to move to another assignment.

2. Balance the load in nursing units so that nurses feel fairly treated and patients feel attention and support.

3. Adjust your skills mix to match your patient profile.

Enhanced staffing strategies enable hospitals to provide better patient care, improve the working environment and support profitability.